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Bespoke floral design for couples in Rhode Island and beyond:

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Wife to 1, Mom to 4 (includes 2 pooches).  I am a bespoke stationery designer focused on helping engaged couples navigate the invitation and detail process.

Meet Jodi

Inevitably, I have come to notice my friends planning weddings for their children. Some before now, some just starting, but I have reached that milestone in my life where pretty damn soon I will be helping [and helping to pay] to plan my own children’s wedding.


Ultimately, the guest list, however big or small it ends up, is the driving force behind your wedding budget!

Take a look at this handy chart I just found from my friends at Occasions that can help with “that part” of the list that you just struggle to figure out!

PS: Thanks for visiting my first blog post, reincarnated. Its been almost 10 years since my last blog.

" Jodi was so easy to work with and our invitations were BEAUTIFUL! We received SO many compliments on them."


"I cannot recommend Plume & Paper enough!"


"ideas, and she brought them all together into something beautiful. Thanks, Pink Tomato for realizing my vision. We are just delighted. I highly recommend Jodi for your beautiful crazy idea, too!

"Jodi did amazing work for me!  I came to her with some big, crazy..."

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